Work live a "slave" and then eat like a "king"…

…aka work and help others, then treat yourself good later. Hehe..

The weekend was a good. Especially Saturday. I had a lot on my plate as usual, which was all good though.

I woke up and headed straight to the Red Cross to volunteer and help raise funds for the people who've been affected by the Haiyan/Yolanda Typhoon in the Philippines. I know we're all the way in Norway, but I still feel the urge to help in someway. Big ups to Red Cross for organizing it! Yup, so thats what Philip, me, and a whole bunch of people did that Saturday morning. We walked around Oslo and collected money for the misfortunate. Thanks to everyone who helped out! It can only get better now!

 photo _DSC2571_zps28dfe1e2.jpg
 photo _DSC2542_zpscbf5bf4a.jpg
 photo _DSC2540_zpsc3276630.jpg
 photo _DSC2538_zps7c36a4a5.jpg
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Big ups everyone who was so eager to help!

 photo _DSC2550_zps597882a0.jpg
Great day to stroll.

 photo unnamed-2_zps04a7f5a1.jpg

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Mission complete.

After the Red Cross event, Philip and me decided to "help" ourselves with some good food. And since we were at Solli, we had to try Grill's Ville. Its a place that I've been wanting to try for the past two years.. hah. Finally I got to try it. And they lived up to the expectations. A nice spot, with good service and good food. Big meals, I like! Only thing is that they should have a more spicy sauce.. hah. Thanks Philip for good company. When are we going back? Hah.

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 photo _DSC2558_zpsf40ae9b4.jpg

 photo _DSC2559_zpscd356073.jpg
The homie.

 photo _DSC2562_zpse12f3900.jpg
 photo _DSC2564_zpsd7920523.jpg
 photo _DSC2565_zpse93e73e1.jpg
Win. Pampas.

 photo _DSC2560_zps1ef5a692.jpg
Hot? Yea right. More fire!

 photo _DSC2561_zpsefb73f52.jpg
Hah. Funny wifi password.

 photo _DSC2566_zpsc016344b.jpg
Mission complete.

The rest of the evening I was at the talentshow that I promoted last week, the YFL YOUTH GOT TALENT SHOW. Big ups to YFL for the whole event. It was great to be back. They've done this the past 6 years, and every year they step up their game. Its inspiring to see the youth hosting such a good show and taking so much responsibility. I was the events emcee along with Jas. Hahahaha.. good times. Club Apartment rules.. hahaha! But again thanks YFL for letting me be a part of this. Congrats to you guys for a great event, and big ups to all the contestants, and winners! See you guys again next year.

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I was planning to go out later that night.. but I crashed.. hah. Good day though! Very good day!