Surround yourself with….

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself." - Edmund Lee

I'm blessed. Really blessed. The position that I'm in now, is rather surreal for me, and its very humbling. Never in a million years, did I think that my days would be like this. Its not like its luxurious or anything, its just the fact that I get to surround myself with so many creative people. I've always tried to surround myself with people that want to get places, so that I can motivate myself through their drive.
So big ups to my team, BAWS, for always pushing me to my limits. Especially the big homie Arif. I will never forget how we started this, and that we've finally been able to slowly start our journey! And can't forget the fam and closest friends. Amen.

However, I must add that I'm fortunate to learn from people that in my eyes have "gone places" and already claimed a position in their craft. Big ups to Chirag, Magdi, Truls, Yosef, Kråkesølv, Lars, Bobby etc etc etc.. I really thought about it the other day when I looked back on what I had done the past couple of days. I'm not trying to brag about getting to hang out with them. I'm just trying to say that its so awesome and humbling to meet people that do their thing, and still stay humble and hungry to do better. We have all read or heard about people who turn "big" and they let it all get to them. And then they become douches.. heh. But with these people its different. They understand the value of handwork, they respect the position that they're in, and they're not afraid of helping the next kid that wants to get theirs too. A big S/O to all of you guys. Thanks for all the advice and help. And for taking me serious, even though I act like a grown arse kid..

Hehe.. I'm not to good with words. But yea.. I guess I just needed to vent. I'm in a good place. I like this. I'm always going to be Mike who lives for the good times. I'm always going to be ready to help if I can. Basically I will always do me.. heh. And its cool to see that its possible.

So yeah.. here are some pictures from the other day.. one of those days where I get to "learn" so much.. heh:

 photo _DSC0861_zpsc4411976.jpg
 photo _DSC0863_zps994fc3c2.jpg
 photo _DSC0864_zpsab8702e0.jpg
Started the day with D2 interviewing Chirag, Magdi, and me about the book. Hah. I felt so out of place. It was fun.

 photo _DSC0866_zpsd3efa52e.jpg
Magdi and his speeches. Haha. 70/30..hah!

Then it was off to Jensen's Bøfhus to meet up with Yosef and Mr. Carlson for dinner.

 photo _DSC0891_zpsb873a591.jpg
 photo _DSC0907_zps8f46a2c5.jpg

 photo _DSC0926_zpse190854e.jpg
Cheap steak, and FREE REFILL POTATOES! Win.

Then we capped off the night with some drinks with the the big brother Treeezy!

 photo _DSC0935_zps4f70f047.jpg
 photo _DSC0931_zpsc72038eb.jpg
 photo _DSC0933_zps3df64958.jpg
Good times.

Yea, yea… so thats how the cookie crumbled that day..


 photo _DSC2410_zps191d26d1.jpg
S/O to hang with you guys the other day! Kråkesølv waddap? WONGHUNNAH!