#HIGHENDASFALT pre-listening.

Last night was a historical event. Arif and Nora Collective invited for a little pre-listening of High-end Asfalt aka Arif's very first album. So at the Nora Collective HQ a select few(BAWS and Nora Collective affiliates) gathered to listen to what is going to be one of the most important albums of our time.. heh. Nah, but on the real, the album is crazy. So nice! S/O everyone who has taken a part in this album. Good times. I can't wait till everyone gets to hear it also. Arif you got this! Thank you for making this! Check out some pictures from the session below:

 photo _DSC6909_zps9515d4bc.jpg
 photo _DSC6919_zps97a24783.jpg
Man of ze hour.

 photo _DSC6923_zps5a24fbda.jpg
 photo _DSC6926_zps3aa74d8a.jpg
 photo _DSC6930_zps8682c717.jpg
Good peoples.

 photo _DSC6934_zps638d9db7.jpg
You got next bro.

 photo _DSC6937_zpsa78ccf73.jpg
 photo _DSC6953_zps14ee1e99.jpg

 photo _DSC6979_zpsc9b0f188.jpg
Game on.

 photo _DSC6991_zps87593d13.jpg
Arif, Axxe and Filip made a masterpiece.

 photo _DSC7001_zps0eea96ef.jpg
 photo _DSC7012_zps8c50b6b0.jpg
 photo _DSC7022_zps00418bf7.jpg
 photo _DSC7017_zps5abe63b5.jpg
 photo _DSC7026_zpsd43daa28.jpg
 photo _DSC7050_zpsda96c50d.jpg
 photo _DSC7051_zpsd1adf0d5.jpg
 photo _DSC7056_zpsba794c06.jpg
Listening closely.

 photo _DSC7045_zps42021b87.jpg
Doing it for the mandems.

 photo _DSC7083_zps300ba7dd.jpg
'Rari. EP out soon too!

 photo _DSC7088_zps934e1953.jpg
 photo _DSC7101_zps84444417.jpg
 photo _DSC7129_zps7deb6790.jpg
Banger after banger!

 photo _DSC7109_zps842c8894.jpg
Proud of you bro!

 photo _DSC7112_zpsc09829c7.jpg
Pretty boy Wahlen.

 photo _DSC7139_zpse3c51edc.jpg

 photo _DSC7151_zpsbdf70615.jpg
Feedback time.

 photo _DSC7187_zpsdaefa921.jpg
 photo _DSC7209_zps28e3a5ab.jpg

Be ready!