Picture recap: Snaasafest vol.2!!

Last night was mad real! The homie Simen hosted his second Snaasafest, and like the world premier it was a good one! The place was packed, so many people came out to celebrate them good times. Veeeryyy nice. Unge Ferrari and Cozy Koala did their thing. The dance floor was packed from the get go. Tørn up! Mayn, I truly believe that this concept is a must if you just wanna listen to good music, dance, and meet good peoples. Can't wait till next time! If you check out below, I actually edited a little set of photos from last night(thats been a while… don't call it a comeback haha). All hail Snaasafest!

 photo IMG_5067_zps8bb140c0.jpg
 photo IMG_5060_zps145455fc.jpg
 photo IMG_5073_zpsd16aeea5.jpg
 photo IMG_5078_zpsd37d3baf.jpg
 photo IMG_5083_zpsa02a4538.jpg
 photo IMG_5071_zpsbc58f065.jpg
 photo IMG_5107_zpsffdb2bc9.jpg
 photo IMG_5094_zpscc2f2cd0.jpg
 photo IMG_5099_zpsfea7ff62.jpg
 photo IMG_5117_zps5840e9d3.jpg
 photo IMG_5089_zps268f33bf.jpg
 photo IMG_5113_zpsf3417d2a.jpg
 photo IMG_5108_zps4f9db255.jpg
 photo IMG_5085_zps62b25258.jpg
 photo IMG_5124_zps8c9e8e1d.jpg
 photo IMG_5126_zps171bfb2d.jpg
 photo IMG_5137_zpsc4f8bfaa.jpg
 photo IMG_5087_zps6148f193.jpg
 photo IMG_5130_zps78d041c5.jpg
 photo IMG_5149_zps8843b54f.jpg
 photo IMG_5136_zps84a78799.jpg
 photo IMG_5144_zps94e44813.jpg
 photo IMG_5127_zps0c67073d.jpg
 photo IMG_5184_zps3c8c7c56.jpg
 photo IMG_5153_zpsb3c172fa.jpg
 photo IMG_5176_zpsd438af79.jpg
 photo IMG_5183_zpsc2c3c176.jpg
 photo IMG_5192_zpsbb245a1c.jpg
 photo IMG_5200_zps8be66a71.jpg
 photo IMG_5154_zpsc8be62fa.jpg
 photo IMG_5205_zpsf81d4a4d.jpg
 photo IMG_5221_zps53a4e6e2.jpg
 photo IMG_5199_zps87820249.jpg
 photo IMG_5226_zps888ecea8.jpg
 photo IMG_5228_zps001aebe3.jpg
 photo IMG_5230_zps904636d7.jpg
 photo IMG_5235_zpsbd4c4d86.jpg
 photo IMG_5233_zps331c9980.jpg
 photo IMG_5243_zps1aa0b66e.jpg
 photo IMG_5248_zpsce1d1db4.jpg
 photo IMG_5249_zpsc6977761.jpg
 photo IMG_5218_zps773c70d8.jpg
 photo IMG_5261_zpsba8a93c5.jpg
 photo IMG_5246_zpsa16e25ad.jpg
 photo IMG_5273_zps46335ee4.jpg
The End.

- akam1k3

Ps. Get at me, if you want me to take away your picture!