Great beginnings

This week started of productive, and don't get me wrong it still is hehe. Woke up early to get a head start on some paper work that I've been lagging on. The sun was out as well, at least in the beginning.

Did some lunch with Rob and Morten and Reebok and Adidas. Just chilled, catched up, and plotted about things we maybe can do in the future. It'll be exciting to see what we end up with. Hadn't seen them for awhile so the meeting stretched out pretty long, I even ended up just borrowing a desk to work on my own stuff too. Very nice.

 photo _DSC3920_zps9jm0frtj.jpg
Butter suede. Them Matchcourts on the homie Rob, and my One Star Golf Wangs.

After spending several hours at their HQ I got myself to interfoto so I could deliver back some equipment that they let me borrow for the Karpe Diem concert the other day. Thanks for always having my back! Then I headed down to Skur 13 by Aker Brygge/Tjuvholmen to check out the new street ball hoop that they put up. It was nice! It even started raining a lot so it was perfect timing to play street ball just under a roof. I like. A lot of people showed up. Good job Lokk Shop for putting this together. Every Monday 6pm-8pm and then Sundays 3pm-5pm. Very nice.

 photo _DSC3932_zpsjwozzkki.jpg
No rain can stop us.

 photo _DSC3933_zpszfgpk2j9.jpg
Come join us next time.

 photo _DSC3951_zps2fl26idw.jpg
Gang. Hah.. Z playing in some Yeezy 350s V2.

You already know I had to teach everyone a lesson, just check the video real quick---> here, muahaha. Sabonis! And after the run we ended up catching some pho again at Vietnam House, before I met up with Karen real quick.

 photo _DSC3956_zpscp9qzowy.jpg photo _DSC3961_zpskiheqkhx.jpg
 photo _DSC3962_zpsso4wwery.jpg
 photo _DSC3966_zpsggcwsfq2.jpg
Thanks for dinner Bones, Ali, and Rob.

 photo _DSC3971_zps2ydq8u3m.jpg
Hah. Spotted some of my work in a newspaper. Very nice. S/O Karve Jeans.

A nice start.

The following day I woke up even earlier then Monday to meet up with Jas at YME to help out taking some pictures of some new shoes that they received. Always chill to start of the day like that. When that was done we met up with Anton for some lunch, before me and Anton just roamed around in the sun.

 photo _DSC4012_zpsalyr7nfr.jpg
 photo _DSC4022_zpsxmwjca2m.jpg

 photo _DSC4033_zpsz5utgmu0.jpg
 photo _DSC4049_zps3tqfyuf2.jpg

 photo _DSC4053_zpst2tri9hm.jpg

 photo _DSC4061_zps8u2etwmy.jpg

 photo _DSC4070_zpsrrs6sgyf.jpg

 photo _DSC4086_zpssjluwvsl.jpg
Pizza Crudo.

 photo _DSC4095_zpsjlk2pc7j.jpg
With spices from the taco spot haha.

 photo _DSC4096_zpsmqs9iupf.jpg
Everyones favourite Ted.

 photo _DSC4109_zpsltov9hbk.jpg

Later on I had to get back home to finish some work before meeting up with Egil to hoop again. Gotta hoop as much as possible before the sun is gone for the season.

 photo IMG_0003_zpsrug0ighu.jpg
Lets keep the weather like this for a bit longer please.

After basketball I met up with some good peoples to check out the Tom Wood show for Oslo Runway. More on that later.

 photo _DSC4116_zpss5gz4qxs.jpg
Welcome back good sir. Randomly met Aon on my way to the Tom Wood thingy.

 photo _DSC4144_zpsvgvn3oqx.jpg
 photo _DSC4146_zps6hqcizir.jpg
 photo _DSC4155_zpsgqefprlb.jpg
Stopped by the studio before the show, to pick up Ferrari. Always in the stu cooking. He was having another Hkeem and Eirik session. Be sure to check out the result of their last session - Urettferdig. Banger. A-team.

 photo _DSC4331_zpslppjkccs.jpg
More pictures asap.

Ended the night with some quality time at Velo with ze guys before heading home to feast and get ready for the rest of the weeks shenanigans.

 photo _DSC4613_zpslv8g8xa8.jpg

 photo _DSC4615_zps35kbtq7d.jpg

 photo _DSC4618_zpswfg6gxbp.jpg

 photo _DSC4630_zpszvp7j25o.jpg
TNT and Even.

 photo _DSC4624_zpsss0xnrtq.jpg

 photo _DSC4633_zpss8aq8mzv.jpg
 photo _DSC4646_zpsq5zici7q.jpg
Be safe sir.

 photo _DSC4648_zpsjdiholxb.jpg

 photo _DSC4652_zpso7mh6dxj.jpg
Mike s/o Fløyel.

 photo _DSC4666_zpswrdrytqg.jpg
Yes! Chicken and rice.