Zzzzunday Service.

So tired on Sunday. Such a long day on Saturday. I was supposed to have a yard sale in the morning, but that didn't happen. Kinda sucks, because I need to get rid of stuff man. Maybe I'll set up my own yard sale. When I woke up my dad called me to ask if I wanted to join a birthday party for a close family friends son. You already know I wanted that. Meet people I seldom see, and EAT EAT EAT Filipino food. Soooooo good. Swear I went 4-5 servings. And I even got to take some home. Win. Thanks for having me haha.

 photo _DSC3653_zpsxc8oiijq.jpg

 photo _DSC3667_zpsppmrwihn.jpg
Happy birthday Edward. Thanks for the cake!

 photo _DSC3715_zpswvct4db8.jpg
Birthday boy.

 photo _DSC3737_zpshevyz1cq.jpg
Awww. Siblings.

The rest of the day was spent with the homies. Just chilling. First at Even's new place, then at the local bar next to the apartment, and then ended it with a bike ride. A very nice ending on a long weekend.

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The wiener dog pointing down? Too weird. Sorry for spilling red wine on your clothes.

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 photo _DSC3759_zpsnfngtlg7.jpg
Watch dog. The almighty Snaasa.

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Very nice spot.

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Sunday peoples.

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Ok bye.

This week will be a little bit slower, but still a bunch of stuff going down. Wish me luck!