Haugesund real quick.

Yesterday, was a good day. Woke up early as usual and headed to the airport. The destination was Haugesund, aka my birth place, and home of many legends and many great memories. Haha. Samson what's up!? I traveled with Chirag and Magdi.

 photo _DSC4671_zpsjzikd141.jpg
Flight mode.

 photo _DSC4679_zpsp7pul3tu.jpg

 photo _DSC4682_zpsmrma27k7.jpg
Hahah. Sick picture.

We went there to meet up with Thea to just work a bit on the upcoming project. It was nice. The Norwegian International Film Festival was also yesterday so there were many people in town. We had a good time. Got some work done, ate good food, and met new kind people. It was a nice day as mentioned. The sun was out too. Even better was the fact that I got a lot of work out of the way as well. I win. Ok bye.

 photo _DSC4705_zpswsklwnbv.jpg
Haha. Biniz.

 photo _DSC4691_zpsflocgclt.jpg
 photo _DSC4728_zps2tlcjfob.jpg
Karpe Diem x Thea. Always working.

 photo _DSC4811_zpsqpelnajq.jpg
Had to check it out.

 photo _DSC4781_zpscdf7zjoa.jpg
Hehe, they let us check out a music video on the big screen. So dope.

 photo _DSC4886_zpsenefmequ.jpg
 photo _DSC4866_zpsyiuerixv.jpg
Gone to the movies.

 photo _DSC4794_zpsy0iw01ih.jpg
Lunch. Very nice burger at Himla Godt, which means heavenly good.

 photo _DSC4914_zpsda5lpdex.jpg
We ate at a place called Naustet, in a old fish house. Known to have the best fish in town. The fish soup was on point!

 photo _DSC4918_zps0rvertti.jpg
Main course, very nice fish with sweet potato mash.

 photo _DSC4922_zpsfaysvamn.jpg
Dessert. Chocolate mousse.

 photo _DSC4803_zpsfiyf2ewf.jpg
Never not thinking.

 photo _DSC4809_zpsqexbqkky.jpg
Nike boyz.

 photo _DSC4979_zpsm4dm7uf7.jpg
 photo _DSC5031_zpsbtpgmple.jpg
Haha. What happened here. Karpe Diem x Jakob Oftebro.

 photo _DSC5036_zps0jozuazn.jpg
 photo _DSC5063_zpsy1mai54u.jpg
 photo _DSC5057_zpskiso1o9v.jpg
 photo _DSC5050_zpsqr1nnztm.jpg
So awesome venue. An old "church" turned into a house that was rented out to host a party. Kinda weird partying in a prayer house.

 photo _DSC5067_zpspp2votdi.jpg
Long time no see Lotte!

 photo _DSC5080_zpsxfxc61yt.jpg

 photo _DSC5083_zpsxs9w9i0y.jpg
S/O Vibbefanger, Kjartan, and Fabio!

 photo _DSC5092_zpsa7vca7wi.jpg
 photo _DSC5106_zpsfislmrsy.jpg
Late night shenanigans.

Ok bye.