Plane rides, parents, food, ZLATAN, and KARPE DIEM!

Yesterday was another early morning. Woke up early to catch the plane back to Oslo. When I got to the airport I found out that I got there two hours early haha. Fail. At least I was there though. Fail.

 photo _DSC5108-2_zpsutkzq6y5.jpg
Never miss out on breakfast.

 photo _DSC5109-2_zpsobgbezdg.jpg
Ok bye.

When I got back to Oslo I roamed around town to get some work done. Hit up some spots at Løkka to chop it up with good peoples.

 photo _DSC5114-2_zpsfsecqcan.jpg
 photo _DSC5131-2_zpsn3m3lalb.jpg
Streetstyle Kara. She's been busy killing it at the Oslo Fashion week.

 photo _DSC5176-2_zpstcm0xbym.jpg
Young gun Ousu aka Bomboclatleigh.

 photo _DSC5181-2_zpsvwt08mau.jpg
Had to stop by Ensemble too. Party with them next week!

 photo _DSC5206-2_zpslgeufrng.jpg
Løkka's finest. Hunting Lodge.

After that I met up with my parents to eat an early dinner. Haven't really got to chill with them so that was a win. Thanks moms and pops!

 photo _DSC5243-2_zpsm4cwrt3q.jpg
 photo _DSC5246-2_zpsvphrx1uo.jpg
 photo _DSC5248-2_zpsiqmvzp8y.jpg
 photo _DSC5253-2_zpsngwplk9u.jpg
Win. Monsun.

 photo _DSC5257-2_zpsjrcc9l3w.jpg
Mother and son. Hehe.

At around seven I got myself to the pick up spot before heading with the guys to play another surprise gig. However, the biggest surprise that night was meeting probably one of the biggest personalities in the world. Zlatan Ibrahimovic!! So sick. It's always scary to meet people you look up to, because they might just end up being the complete opposite of what you expected. But Zlatan lived up to the hype. A calm and humble man, and he was kind enough to pose for my camera. Swear I was shaking hehe. Bucket list for sure.

 photo _DSC5262-2_zpsgbgdxdmp.jpg
Cloth surgeon.

 photo _DSC5333-2_zps51ujviux.jpg
Kith set.

 photo _DSC5278-2_zpsiog9lxkt.jpg
The homie Zlatan.

 photo _DSC5289-2_zpswx6ucfh2.jpg

 photo _DSC5303-2_zpsx2oip7hq.jpg

 photo _DSC5314-2_zpsn5qwcyxj.jpg
Happy camper.

 photo _DSC5356-2_zpstrwobqoi.jpg
More happy campers.

 photo _DSC5362-2_zpsmqgrgvbn.jpg

The concert went pretty well. It was raining a bit the whole concert, but the crowd loved it and the guys killed it as usual.

 photo _DSC5393-2_zpscxf14fxr.jpg
 photo _DSC5590-2_zpscxdynpph.jpg
 photo _DSC5730-2_zpsci05ubgy.jpg
 photo _DSC5603-2_zpsbemd6m9h.jpg
 photo _DSC5863-2_zps1kqm4m05.jpg
 photo _DSC5972-2_zps5qoxtcyo.jpg
 photo _DSC5981-2_zpsuqrdks3u.jpg
 photo _DSC6249-2_zpscfntvteu.jpg
Karpe Diem.

 photo _DSC6253-2_zpsygp7beoj.jpg
Food backstage is always win!

Yup! A week filled with shenanigans, and it's all good!