Norad Nattevandring ft. Susanne Sundfør

Yup as mentioned in a couple of posts back, I went up to the mountains Saturday night. I joined Norad on their yearly Nattevandring, a fee night threk up Gaustadtoppen, where they walk to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Over 7000 joined the fun, and was rewarded a concert by Susanne Sundfør. A very nice event. I didn't walk up though haha. But the trip up through and up the mountain was crazy too. I was so scared haha. But when I got myself up there I got a waffle and a hot dog so it was all good. Only sad part was me not being prepared for the cold. Dang. Soon coold. However, I made back home alive. A very nice night. I might even join the threk next year. Hah. Thanks Norad for having me.

 photo _DSC7446_zpsvbaqsilj.jpg
So nice over there.

 photo _DSC7448_zps5eqjojap.jpg
Maybe next year. Had to get up there quick with all my camera gear. Hah.

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 photo _DSC7464_zpsulnh6eme.jpg
Moving on up.

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Only three hours away from Oslo.

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 photo _DSC7563_zpsniac0m5d.jpg

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Very nice.

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Her voice was perfect for the night mood all the way up in the mountain.

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 photo _DSC7810_zpsv8lmw36g.jpg
New participation record.

 photo _DSC7928_zpsftyxf3zc.jpg

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Haha the little homie.

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Ok bye.