Sundayyyyzzz; Tired, but now out!

I was so tired when I got to Oslo from the mountains. The bus was delayed a couple of hours, so we didn't leave for Oslo until 4 am, and it took us three hours to get back to town. I was supposed to watch the McGregor and Mayweather fight at the Adidas office, but we didn't make it. However, everyone was all up on fb with the streams, so big s/o to Shyam for the Russian stream. Haha.

 photo _DSC8002_zpsjtheufek.jpg
Haha. S/O the stream!

When I got back to Oslo, I had to catch some shuteye after meeting up with Rob real quick.

 photo _DSC8004_zpsf0dtpno6.jpg
 photo _DSC8005_zpspctvyu7g.jpg
Finally some food. I forgot to buy food while at the mountain.

 photo _DSC8017_zpspsg8j8og.jpg
Mom stopped by with some spaghetti. Haha. Win.

The rest of the day was spent working and chilling in the studio with the guys! Good times. Good week!

 photo _DSC8023_zpsuzbuehxj.jpg
Studio life haha.

 photo _DSC8048_zpsfea1yhbc.jpg
 photo _DSC8083_zps7bxkaaos.jpg
Get'em. Allerede ft. Lars Vaular out tomorrow!

 photo _DSC8185_zpsrjg8dv21.jpg
Rari with the skills.

 photo _DSC8209_zpskthcayuv.jpg
 photo _DSC8211_zpsmibithlw.jpg
Main roadman. Stæægz.

 photo _DSC8329_zpslzin9o0j.jpg
Its not a fake picture. Hah!

 photo _DSC8420_zpscfespwa8.jpg
The Wiz.

 photo _DSC8428_zpsg2zzhu9b.jpg

 photo _DSC8725_zpsxllnuj8y.jpg
Haha. Just wait and see.

 photo _DSC8767_zpsl8qt5waj.jpg
Kick game.

 photo _DSC8779_zpskvu6sua9.jpg
Thomas with that late snack. YESSSS!

 photo _DSC8797_zpswlz2mp5u.jpg
 photo _DSC8800_zpsaetmwqan.jpg