Saturday part 1: Brunch, sneakers, and beats!

Saturday and it was a good one. Woke up early because I had to do some work. It went well and was over in a jiffy. So I went back to Løkka and met up with Karen to eat some brunch at Eldhuset. I had the brisket sandwich and it was good!

 photo _DSC7288_zpskzndueiz.jpg
Pretty lady.

 photo _DSC7291_zpshuexwod6.jpg
 photo _DSC7293_zpsguwaoto7.jpg
Very nice.

After the meal we headed downtown, to Den Gamle Skobutikken to be exact. The name means the old shoe store, so it was only right that they finally had a sneaker exchange event there. A bunch of the O.G sneaker heads in Oslo, with some new peeps put together a little event to sell sneakers and street wear. I wish I had time to have a table. Next time for sure. I have to much, and really need to get rid of stuff.

It was very nice to see so many people. Especially all the o.g's and homies I hadn't seen in a while. It was also dope to see that the scene is getting bigger. There is a growing crowd with a bunch of youngins doing there thing. Big ups. That's how we will get bigger hehe.

 photo _DSC7294_zpskzusu4iv.jpg
 photo _DSC7298_zps5cswksv2.jpg
 photo _DSC7301_zpsxu5b445p.jpg

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 photo _DSC7309_zpsr4wjebfg.jpg
Ganggang. Nice meeting you guys again.

 photo _DSC7316_zpszlsvntls.jpg
Get paper.

 photo _DSC7324_zpssr3oud1s.jpg
The homie rocking that Heisann merch.

 photo _DSC7325_zps6prksqps.jpg
 photo _DSC7328_zpsuxzujikn.jpg
 photo _DSC7329_zpsxx5iorln.jpg
 photo _DSC7357_zps11kcg7f2.jpg
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 photo _DSC7344_zpsc6fq97pc.jpg
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 photo _DSC7356_zpssjvqdr01.jpg
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Very nice.

 photo _DSC7332_zpstqofx6oj.jpg
Go get the homies clear sneaker boxes. @iceboxnco

 photo _DSC7313_zps0ksp0pvk.jpg
Onkl P rolled through as well.

 photo _DSC7365_zpsp4snqgl4.jpg

 photo _DSC7363_zpsg6kgohmm.jpg
Agent Bird.

 photo _DSC7369_zpsvf0vxr6o.jpg

 photo _DSC7371_zpszjho1izm.jpg
 photo _DSC7382_zpsd0hhr09m.jpg

After that I headed back home to pack for the mountains for this little event I was shooting. It was sick. More on that later though. However, before getting myself to the mountains you already know I had to stop by the studio. Axxe and Filip been making hits though! Very nice.

 photo _DSC7385_zpsapavszdy.jpg
Bumped into the day 1 homie. von Osten!

 photo _DSC7387_zpskiflzpqr.jpg
Be sure to check out his store when it opens!! ---> ESSENTIAL ARTICLES

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Tailor Bear.

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 photo _DSC7433_zpst7miiwsn.jpg

More from Saturday asap.

Ok bye.