Friday; Astrid S, Lindmo, Unge Ferrari, food, drinks!

Everyone loves Friday. Everyone gets a different mentality when it's Friday. Probably stuck in our minds the feeling when you were a student and there was no homework and no school for two days. Anyways.......

For me it was a rather busy day. Started it off by joining Astrid_S on her performance at NRK Lindmo, one of the bigger Norwegian tv-shows we have in our country. She was there to do a little talk and perform her new single Think_Before_I_Talk. Very nice! Karen was also with the crew, styling her of course.

 photo _DSC6297_zpsa6ima6zw.jpg
 photo _DSC6302_zps9x7onxtm.jpg
 photo _DSC6308_zpsffamrqah.jpg
 photo _DSC6314_zpsmlmgwjzi.jpg
Sound checking.

 photo _DSC6623_zpsgcgj1r8z.jpg

 photo _DSC6627_zpsid7otout.jpg
Backstage sushi for the win!

 photo _DSC6629_zpslumhkrgr.jpg
Ze stylist, always working, testing outfits for Astrid.

After rehearsals and sound check I went to the studio to meet Axxe and Ferrari to see what they were cooking up, and to take some pictures of that new Nora merch that will be sold at YME next weekend!

 photo _DSC6660_zpsfw7rwnuu.jpg
 photo _DSC6693_zpsgbgligmi.jpg
 photo _DSC6711_zpssfwlrk62.jpg
New collar with Fanta. Be sure to check out the Nora Collective event on september 2nd. More info HERE.

 photo _DSC6889_zps6vafaku7.jpg
On the road again.

Then I went up to NRK again for the recording of the Lindmo show. Astrid killed it as usual. It was dope performance. Be sure to catch it on TV on NRK1 this Saturday.

 photo _DSC6897_zpskqv6ddds.jpg
 photo _DSC6941_zps9auv1ehj.jpg
 photo _DSC6945_zpsh8uvp4mi.jpg
 photo _DSC7248_zpsu2w03gow.jpg
 photo _DSC6983_zpswgpczxnk.jpg
Good times.

 photo _DSC6979_zpsqxqzfwm9.jpg
Parents always there! Nice meeting you guys again.

 photo _DSC6992_zps5xxofeb7.jpg
Fan luv.

 photo _DSC6972_zpsujrw6cy7.jpg
Be sure to check it out, NRK1 SATURDAY.

 photo _DSC7021_zpsrjnackkr.jpg
Astrid is the new orange.

When that was locked in I went to eat dinner with Axxe and Ferrari. Met Ragz real quick too, before I chilled at the studio again with Axxe and Rari.

 photo _DSC7035_zps8dzlbukp.jpg
 photo _DSC7059_zpsnua7c35t.jpg
Nice to hang with you guys too. Slave to their phones... just like me hehe. Ok bye Rægz.

 photo _DSC7086_zpsn47yyaz8.jpg
Yes! Thanks Axxe for dinner.

 photo _DSC7115_zps8oznnmlh.jpg
The wizard.

 photo _DSC7121_zpsnlig0wxr.jpg

 photo _DSC7173_zpsqtlarbr3.jpg
One of them is releasing a new track next week. You should check it out!

 photo _DSC7192_zpsoclrgl1l.jpg

We were done around 11pm at the studio, so I had nothing to do on a Friday night. Randomly I met the homie Seb from Blender(New Balance) and Mia on the street. Ended up grabbing a drink with them before heading home to pass out.. haha.

 photo _DSC7222_zpslegyszps.jpg
 photo _DSC7227_zpsgv8y1uib.jpg
 photo _DSC7236_zpsebw9afn5.jpg
Nice catching up!

 photo _DSC7248_zpsu2w03gow.jpg

Ok bye.