ChiTown in about 24hrs...

I have so many pictures from NYC. But I guess I need to move on haha. The last day was nice. I started it off with a breakfast with the fam. Very nice. And after that we went to the airport to get to Chicago. Had a little lunch at the airport aka donuts and pizza. Muahaha.

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 photo _DSC5795_zpsoiwb1bu3.jpg
 photo _DSC5770_zpszuhumn0q.jpg
The fam. And my breakfast haha. What? It did have egg and bacon on it haha.

 photo _DSC5819_zpsfl5soczb.jpg

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 photo _DSC5871_zpskaiuzsjm.jpg
 photo _DSC5883_zpscbn3owvh.jpg
 photo _DSC5889_zpsbryqhbmq.jpg
 photo _DSC5894_zpsyhxfchla.jpg
JFK lounging.

When we arrived we just headed straight for some dinner before going to bed.

 photo _DSC5896_zpsjnripjei.jpg
The Chi we're here.

 photo _DSC5940_zpsaxcdcqrk.jpg
Dinner asap! The rock shrimp was siiiick.

 photo _DSC5945_zpsutetd4jf.jpg
You can't have any.

 photo _DSC5980_zps4dax0ijw.jpg

The following day, Astrid had a bunch of press so we followed her around.

 photo _DSC6003_zpsrw8cmfbx.jpg

 photo _DSC6076 copy_zpsk5so1ldi.jpg
Good Morning Chicago.

 photo _DSC6082 copy_zpsbmse8fmf.jpg
Downtown Chi.

 photo _DSC6177 copy_zpsxdz9gaiq.jpg
 photo _DSC6199 copy_zps2z5ycfa9.jpg
Ze Bean.

 photo _DSC6192 copy_zpsdm4idpmj.jpg

After press and before concert we decided to go a little shopping. I finally got to go to RSVP gallery and St.Alfred. Both very dope spots. To bad I forgot my RSVP gallery somewhere. So stupid.

 photo _DSC6345_zpsetwhsrjw.jpg
 photo _DSC6348_zpsppttnjwo.jpg
 photo _DSC6357_zps8seveyjk.jpg
Chicago's finest.

 photo _DSC6363_zpsiay6ajho.jpg
DOX! Greek food. So good.

 photo _DSC6387_zpsnwgr5mjn.jpg
Concert preps.

 photo _DSC6450_zps9ecnn7ha.jpg
The homie.

 photo _DSC6452_zpsgxbjkysw.jpg

 photo _DSC6459_zpsxfznxeyu.jpg
 photo _DSC6458_zpsiy6jgiwo.jpg
Bacon on it...haha.

 photo _DSC6486_zpsczboumfo.jpg
Pizza party!

 photo _DSC6616_zpslzxejupy.jpg
Ice cream run before concert.

The concert was awesome! The crowd was so loud!! Very nice!!

 photo _DSC7238_zpszos8re8k.jpg
They made these signs for here.. hehe.. aww..

 photo _DSC7267_zpsgbow1owo.jpg
 photo _DSC7360_zpsq5jh361x.jpg
 photo _DSC7420_zpsms5em70f.jpg
Great job guys!

 photo _DSC7451_zpsgvjshpm0.jpg
Haha.. s/o the guy who wanted to sell me ghetto art. "prince playing basketball".

 photo _DSC7479_zpsutyafzsg.jpg
 photo _DSC7483_zpsxizn1ub5.jpg
Grand madderpackers.

I wish I got to be there longer man. Visit more spots, and hang with family a bit. Didn't even get to eat deep dish pizza pie. But duty calls. Maybe next time!

Ok bye Chicago!