Episode 4, season 2 - Shoehorn for 1785 kr!!

Episode 4 is up!

The homies Olav and Snow Boyz joined the fun at YME when we tried out a very expensive shoehorn. Expensive when it comes to shoehorn at that haha. Funny. Handmade in Italy and such. Pretty sick.

 photo _DSC0867 copy_zpsebbohmiw.jpg

Check it ze good times below:

Episode 4, season 2 - Shoehorn for 1785 kr

 photo _DSC0844 copy_zpszzucltqy.jpg
 photo _DSC0848 copy_zpszwlwlx10.jpg
 photo _DSC0920 copy_zpsanwnsyua.jpg
 photo _DSC0941 copy_zpsfhkhwyb5.jpg
Brrr... Be sure to check out the Snow Boyz music asap!

 photo _DSC0913 copy_zpssugfb0e2.jpg
Olav been ballin'.

 photo _DSC0886 copy_zpshtrtu7co.jpg
 photo _DSC0901 copy_zps8c0h0kii.jpg
 photo _DSC0903 copy_zpsan5yptqh.jpg
 photo _DSC0910 copy_zpsuljk5dpd.jpg
Thanks for joining the fun guys!

Ok bye!