Persona Non Grata party.

This week has gone to a whole lot of photos. I’ve been falling asleep as soon as I get home alsmot every night. But its all good though.I know for sure that the end product is going to be out of this world. Yesterday, Thursday, was one of the good ones. We ended the day pretty early so I got the chance to play some ball to let off some steam. It was a nice run. Hella dimes haha. After practice I went straight to Torgata Bar to check out the Persona Non Grata party. The homies was having a function, and of course releasing some new gear. The tee was dope, and the suede cap was sick. Be sure to check out their site HERE to cop gear, and hope that theres stuff left at all.

A lot of good people came through to show support. Very very good. Always important to show support for your locals. Big up cAndy!

 photo IMG_0018_zpswj46j1ls.jpg
 photo IMG_0017_zpsoak9x3wd.jpg
 photo IMG_0016_zpsuewad4r5.jpg

 photo IMG_0015_zpsh9r1mnkx.jpg
 photo IMG_0014_zpsjlnjj0ts.jpg
 photo IMG_0013_zpsxxwznjwx.jpg
Get yours.

 photo IMG_0035_zpsckjv6ns0.jpg

 photo IMG_0037_zps1jvpdjhq.jpg
3m gang gang.

 photo IMG_0033_zpsfw3btfvm.jpg
 photo IMG_0032_zpszjcpi6hx.jpg
 photo IMG_0051_zpsheqnpllk.jpg
 photo IMG_0052_zpsmusgcmcg.jpg
 photo IMG_0053_zpsv4d9cxtp.jpg
 photo IMG_0026_zpslofalk77.jpg
 photo IMG_0022_zpsfacua3ty.jpg
Persona Non Grata.

 photo IMG_0024_zpsthybamjb.jpg

 photo IMG_0020_zpstiw0ih0f.jpg
Happy birthday leks!

 photo IMG_0034_zps4espqnug.jpg

 photo IMG_0040_zpspdtjavlh.jpg
Haha Jas always drinking like its the last pint on earth. Hah.

 photo IMG_0031_zpsbs0wkjql.jpg
If you know, you know.

 photo IMG_0029_zpsfk0hufji.jpg
Anders and Jååååå.

 photo IMG_0039_zpsuzn2wqbb.jpg
 photo IMG_0028_zpswpncaj0h.jpg
More 3m baby.

 photo IMG_0041_zpsnjvsiywx.jpg
Norm like that.

 photo IMG_0043_zpsrw0lildb.jpg
Andy and Murk.

 photo IMG_0045_zpsxztlm0z1.jpg
 photo IMG_0048_zpskkvxezvf.jpg
 photo IMG_0049_zps0ohxy0oi.jpg

Thanks for having us.

 photo IMG_0055_zpsuiwuo2ok.jpg
I win.

Ok bye.