Tuesday & Wednesday; meetings, work, so much food, friend, family, WINNING!

It's been an early week. However, as long as it ends up being productive I won't complain. But I'm stoked to sleep in this weekend.

Tuesday I had an early meeting with Red Bull about the future of Simply Cola. Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to see how everything pans out. After that I got myself to Nora HQ to eat lunch and talk about the vibes this Saturday. It's going to be nice. Go get your tickets ---> HERE.

 photo _DSC9433_zps8p9obbpu.jpg
What up Alex?

 photo _DSC9440_zpsqokfqgcv.jpg
Get yours this Saturday.

 photo _DSC9445_zpsteoiusur.jpg
Oueff. Adam!

 photo _DSC9455_zpsvsf3m0od.jpg
Grytelokket ftw.

 photo _DSC9465_zpsud9blu92.jpg
Big man thing.

 photo _DSC9471_zpsxelblmnt.jpg

The rest of the day was basically spent getting work in and finishing up in the studio.

 photo _DSC9554_zpsoboyxwps.jpg
My brother for life.

 photo _DSC9558_zpscd2tvgsp.jpg
Thanks giving me a ride good sir.

 photo _DSC9564_zpsir4aqpbg.jpg
 photo _DSC9572_zpsnfe3m0qx.jpg
Please don't touch my Raf's.

 photo _DSC9589_zpseknn3ypy.jpg

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 photo _DSC9707_zpsmflcjfgi.jpg
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 photo _DSC9735_zpsl4uvgunw.jpg
 photo _DSC9757_zpsdlfhnuha.jpg
Studio life.

It was the last night with intensive studio session so we celebrated with some drinks and burgers haha. Met up with Raggen and Stægz who joined the fun. Job well done guys!

 photo _DSC9776_zps7013piq7.jpg
Hood rich.

 photo _DSC9779_zpsn1n1cbyn.jpg

 photo _DSC9782_zps0u7uup8n.jpg
 photo _DSC9788_zpsng35dv1u.jpg
 photo _DSC9798_zpsjoh7geic.jpg
Break bread.

Wednesday was another early morning. Planned some stuff for September with an artist, then I met up with Karpe Diem and the film crew to check some clothing and stuff for the movie.

 photo _DSC9815_zps1gdcy5iq.jpg
Oueff spotted new work. Scandinavian campaign for Reebok for XXL. S/o Robert, Karen and the rest of the team for this one!

 photo _DSC9910_zpsa5dyliqc.jpg
Mr Camera man Paal!
 photo _DSC9971_zpspv6euefc.jpg
Rægz on his ride.

After that I met up with Arif, Unge Ferrari, and Ali to talk about a big move this December. Just you wait! Wow.

 photo _DSC9943_zpsijtzcbbz.jpg
 photo _DSC9953_zpshnrndhzu.jpg
Just wait. WOW!!!! S/o to your new songs boyz!

 photo _DSC9963_zpsgvyda3kj.jpg

Then I met up with my dad and Karen to celebrate. I'm finally a grown up haha. At least I'm going to have grown up problems. Bought an apartment haha. More on that later though. We went to eat a whole lot of cheese at Melt. Very nice. Filling and a lot, but nice!

 photo _DSC9973_zps0pexmk2g.jpg
S/O Ugly Logo!

 photo _DSC9975_zpshdyvrtt9.jpg
 photo _DSC9978_zpsy6wfgbbu.jpg
 photo _DSC9981_zpsd4hyyso0.jpg
Dirty fries, parmesan fries, cheeseburger melt, lasagne melt, pulled pork melt!

 photo _DSC9977_zpscdjobhtk.jpg
Big homie! akag4n1.

The rest of the day was spent with Karen and our friends up at St.Haugen. It was the good homie Bernard's birthday! BBQ outside was perfect! Thanks for having us sir! Hope you had a good one.

 photo _DSC9983_zps8jerucox.jpg
Birthday boy and brother doing their thing on the grill.

 photo _DSC9984_zpsqbge4tai.jpg
 photo _DSC9986_zpshf9c6yxk.jpg
Awesome app. Hah. How to make the perfect steak.

 photo _DSC9988_zps8yfdnzrt.jpg
Chorizo burgers ftw!

 photo _DSC9992_zpsbi0yb5vs.jpg
Awesome carrot cake.

 photo _DSC9996_zpskbk6uc7d.jpg
Number uno.

Ok bye.