Philip Emilio "Hjemløs & Deilig" Tour - STARTS TOMORROW!

My homie Emilio aka Philip Emilio aka @philemil is going on a tour. A five stop tour, to the biggest cities in Norway. Its about to be real tørnt. I hope I get to join the fun on some of these days bro! I'm proud of you! Big s/o Nora Creative for the dope artwork too. Henriiiiik!

 photo _DSC1176_zpskxgtbvxc.jpg
Go check out my brother man!

 photo Kvittering2_zpscsmcqyim.jpg
Where am I going to see you?

 photo 1_zps8fb88dyk.jpg
Tomorrow in Trondheim?

 photo 2_zpsu6iqt4nq.jpg
Or in STVG? S/O Peri!

 photo 3_zpsgyvjitkp.jpg
Bergen will be lit! Always crazy over there.

 photo 4_zpscwusmlqg.jpg
KRS? The soutttthhhh.

 photo 5_zpsta5t7yw8.jpg
Oslo stand up!