New week; meeeeetings on meetings, studio on studiiiioooo

New week, new possibilities. Woke up very very early on Monday to get stuff done and get stuff on the road. First I met with my friend Morten who pitched me this new exciting project that I hope we nail.

 photo _DSC8992_zpsuocv44ep.jpg
 photo _DSC8993_zpsxt2zau3g.jpg
Hello good sir. Thanks for breakfast!

Then I had a meeting with Silje, aka Karpe Diem boss lady, to discuss and start planning our new ventures hehe. Very nice.

 photo _DSC9000_zpsu1ca5fjh.jpg
Little Big Sister.

After that I went and had lunch with Shuttergang members, Erik Five on IT and AgentBird aka shutter O.Gs. Had some killer fries at Tommi's. Later on we had to check out Stress, and say what's up to the family, before meeting with my brothers Øyvind and Christian to work out a budget pitch for maybe the coolest project yet.

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 photo _DSC9024_zps96dii81t.jpg
Shuttergang gangganggang!

 photo _DSC9027_zpszzpkmixd.jpg
Cousin soulstar.

 photo _DSC9033_zpscggsurge.jpg

 photo _DSC9034_zps2blmxi6y.jpg
My main man Øyvind. Let's make this a Nice One!

 photo _DSC9041_zpst8qecqai.jpg

 photo _DSC9046_zpsgsjw0gx6.jpg
Haha.. Øyvind.

 photo _DSC9049_zpsuvsq0gmv.jpg
Good to see my brother again. Check out his work ---> @christianbastiansen

It was a quick and effective meeting, which was just right because I suddenly had to help Trine of LBS with some video stuff for the homie Cez. Just perfect. Good job Cez, big things these days!

 photo _DSC9064_zps13uirdhv.jpg
Cez and Stian Andersen in the studio.

 photo _DSC9111_zpsdskv6vp9.jpg
Cezinando 2017.

The rest of the evening I basically just worked in the studio. First with Eirik and Thomas of Something Sally/Karpe Diem, and then Axxe of course. Productive day indeed.

 photo _DSC9278_zpsuwf2ew7n.jpg
Wow. Bout to kill it again. MORE LIFE!

 photo _DSC9388_zpsmxjgqaym.jpg
Westside Slim. Best rapper in the world.

 photo _DSC9427_zpstsjiotan.jpg
The wiz. Crazy man.

Ok bye.